How to play:

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Bowl Pick'Em
  • Submit your picks of the winners in each of the College Football Bowl match-ups.
  • Submit your tiebreaker submission.
  • Click SAVE PICKS!
College Football Playoffs
  • With the college football playoffs format, there are 2 semi-final games and then the championship game.
  • The championship game will have "TBD" teams until the 2 semi-finals games have finished. Then the 2 teams for the championship will be put into the system. After the 2 semi-final games, you will have to return to the site to make your prediction for the championship game.
Leader Board

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Scoring Method
Ranked Pick em Against The Spread (ATS)

» All games are picked against half-point spreads
» For each correct pick, users will receive the number of points equal to the confidence rank that they entered for that game.
» The goal is to score the most points, which may not equate to the most wins
» The "catch" is that ranking numbers can only be used once
  • Put high points on your most confident pick
  • Put low points on your least confident pick

» Odds are enterred for the following week after the current week's last game, by The PoolTracker Team

Picks Deadline
Before each game's scheduled start